Focus on your business, not your IT

We specialize in tailoring IT solutions that are customized to suit your business needs, ensuring that your company flourishes while giving you the peace of mind you deserve

Downtime is Costly

Businesses struggle to keep data safe and under control. Managing networks, servers, documents and accounting files can be frustrating.

  • Are you wearing too many hats?
  • Does your business lack a dedicated IT staff?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by your data systems?

At CNWR we have solutions that can protect and optimize your systems to let you focus on providing value to your clients. 


Explore Our Services

Whether you need support for an overwhelming IT situation, assistance with a major roll-out, or someone to work with on a project-to-project basis, we can help. 

Cybersecurity Services

We will secure your network and protect your business from potential threats 

Disaster Recovery

Ensure business continuity with 24/7 monitoring, automated data backup, and disaster recovery plans

Remote Work Solutions

We will help manage your remote workforce for more effective and secure working arrangements

Infrastructure Modernization

We maintain and manage systems for optimal performance ensuring a cost-effective solution for you

Conference Room Systems

We will help you setup your conference room layout, and design audio and video that work for your presentation.

Business Phone


CNWR can enable your team to connect to your clients as easily as if you were all under one roof.

Small Business


We partner with your staff members to improve daily operations and allow for more efficient work with less headaches.

What benefits can CNWR offer your business? Watch this video to learn more!

Powerful Solutions

For Personalized IT Services

Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our personalized IT services are designed to provide powerful solutions  so you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

With our comprehensive range of offerings, we can effectively address any IT challenge you may encounter, ensuring seamless operations and optimal performance.

Managed Service Partnership

With a managed service partnership, you can access a team of skilled IT professionals without additional hiring costs. An MSP might be right for you if:

  • You struggle to find the time and resources to work on your IT needs
  • You can’t hire an in-house IT team due to budget constraints
  • Your industry requires regular compliance checks and updates

Co-Managed Partnership

Get the help your IT team needs with our Co-Managed Partnership where we become an extension of your team. A Co-Managed Partnership may be right for you if:
  • You currently have an in-house IT team but need additional help
  • Your team would benefit from the additional tools, resources, and years of expertise CNWR brings
  • You need help creating more optimized solutions


Hourly Consulting

Looking for expert advice? Look no further. Our team of consultants is here to help you navigate any challenge. With years of experience and a deep understanding of your needs, we provide top-notch solutions tailored just for you.

  • Services starts at $200.00 USD per hour, billed in 30 minute increments, with a 1 hour minimum purchase required for new customers
  • Rates vary by complexity of the project
  • Estimates can be given up front, if a clearly defined scope of work is provided.

We tailor our solutions to your business

Networking, System Administration, Cloud and Virtualization, Phone Systems, and Managed Services

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Industries we specialize in

We have over 25 years of experience in a wide variety of industries


Small Businesses


Veterinary Offices




Labor Unions

What People Are Saying...

"The two best things about CNWR are response time and the fact that older staff at UAW Local 12 isn't given any criticism or ridicule [from the CNWR team for something] that is probably simple to some, but over our heads. They have a very good, to use a nursing term, bedside manner. No geek speak, they put it into terms we understand."

Paul Rickman
UAW Local 12

"You guys are very prompt. It's not uncommon, we've had maybe a handful of times, where we come in at 7am and something is down. It's nice that when something is down at 7, at 2pm we're still not waiting for it to come back up again."

Dr. Christine Ravary, D.V.M.
Temperance Animal Hospital

" The accessibility of CNWR surprised us the most. When I call, the people there even know my voice. They know who I am from the offset. When we have a problem, we are able to get a hold of CNWR..."

Eric Bergman
Bird and Exotic Pet Wellness Center