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Office Networks

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Constantly losing WiFi connection is not normal, and can cost your company work time, and thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

CNWR leverages our vetted suppliers to provide high quality solutions:

  • Cisco/Meraki
  • HPE/Aruba
  • Brocade
  • Fortinet

From a simple flat network to a complex data center, CNWR can provide networking services to meet your requirements.
Get real time notifications and monitoring to keep track of important network devices and upgrades. Stop getting interrupted in the middle of the day with technology failings, and start planning for any business downtime. With the help of CNWR engineers you can get ahead of your obstacles and start evolving with your technology.


Private or Public Cloud 

Part of keeping your data safe and accessible is utilizing the Cloud, software and services that run on the Internet, instead of locally on your computer. We help clients transition away from the hassle of maintaining hardware to keep their business going, by using Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. If you don't want the responsibility of keeping up your cloud solution either, we have you covered.
Don't want to utilize Amazon or Azure? CNWR is proud to support all major cloud services for local businesses.
Some clients just want to automate certain things about their current setup, which we assist with, and hand back off to them. Whatever the case may be, give us a call or drop us an email and we'll talk through what you need to help you find a solution.

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Are you an enterprise client looking for configuration management? Tired of needlessly spinning up the same boxes over and over again, experiencing drift between your application servers? We've heard it all before and are ready to help. CNWR has a wealth of experience and can help you provision and maintain reliable server environments.

Custom Development

Over the past decade CNWR has become experts in helping clients create and maintain their customized business applications based on Java Virtual Machine technology. Regardless of how many people are using your application, or it's purpose, from the whiteboard to rollout, CNWR can bring your software ideas to life. If you don't want to execute updates, deploying, or managing your applications then we have you covered as well. Just hand them off to us and we'll do all of the leg work to get you up and running.

Need help developing an application for your business? Let us facilitate a meeting with our team of developers and engineers to provide you with a scalable application that will grow with your company.

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