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Looking for a webcam and video conference solution?

It can be tricky to set up conferencing if you're not a professional. 

Successful video conferencing can be daunting for many reasons. What size is the room? How many microphones are necessary?  Where do they go?  Single or multiple users? Is one camera enough?  What are the best angles for correct viewing? Is a whiteboard part of your presentation?

Allow our team of experienced conferencing experts to assist you in creating the ideal solution for all of your needs.

Our Expertise Includes:


Single-User Setups

Even single user video setups can be better.  
CNWR can design a solution for any budget - from a simple webcam to a complex solution with multiple cameras.


Conference Rooms

Audio echo kills meetings.
If your users have trouble understanding you, how effective is your meeting?  Let CNWR design a solution that sounds as clear as if the user is with you.


Live Streaming

Tired of your stream going down due to technical issues?
 Successful live streaming requires proper lighting, sound design, camera placement and the hardware to drive it all. CNWR provides solutions that solve all of these challenges.

CNWR will help you setup your conference room layout, and design audio and video that work for your presentation.

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