Church Live Streaming Solutions

Does your church group or organization want to start livestreaming? We offer video setup, network, lighting and more.

Reach a wide audience with virtual services


Are your members struggling with remote viewing? If your church or religious group needs live streaming services, CNWR can design the perfect setup for your remote congregation to feel like they are right there with you. CNWR will help you keep your parishioners engaged, and your community connected. 


Our Expertise Includes:


Solutions Design

CNWR will come and design a custom solution with components that fit your unique needs, and your budget.


Full System Refresh

Already have your live streaming equipment in place? CNWR will come and implement a full refresh to your existing system.



 Let us train you on Open Broadcast Software (OBS) or other advanced solutions, so you can feel confident in your live streaming engagements.

Your Presentation should be worthy of praise

Video Clarity, Shareable Media, Podcasts

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