Staying Just-In-Time

We have many clients in the Tool and Die businesses,
we take pride in keeping their daily business running smooth.

Work smarter, not harder.

Are your engineers turning into IT resources?

Managing too many different software applications and hardware solutions?

We'll help your engineers get back to working on their jobs and not working on issues with their applications and devices. Stop dealing with issues that are outside of your specialization and let us take the wheel. Too often are your engineering or quality resources dealing with computer problems.

We want to help you keep your business operating smoothly.


Our Expertise Includes:


Software Management

From installation and licensing to troubleshooting assistance and vendor support
We can be your source of knowledge when it comes to your key software and making sure everything works for your business.


Strategy & Process

Standardization, Process Management, Compliance, Business Strategy
Let us help you develop a strategy to turn your obstacles into objectives and stop reinventing the wheel.


Telephony Services

Stop worrying about integrating new technologies in your network
We can help you set up secure networks to support anything from access control to mechanical equipment via segmentation and access control.

Warehouse worker and manager looking at laptop in a large warehouse

Shipping & Inventory Management

Tired of dealing with asset tagging and hardware requests, leave it to us.

We'll help you maintain the software and hardware systems that you rely on every day and keep a consistent track of everything that exists on your network.

We know downtime means a little more to the Tool and Die Industry

Locally Made - Custom Solutions

Serving the Toledo area for 25 years and getting to know our local partners

IT plans are not a one-size-fits all solution. If your needs are as simple as supplemental support for a one-time project, or as complex as fully hands-off IT management, we have a solution for you..
Portrait of manual worker and manager scanning package in the warehouse

When your system is offline, you lose money,
how can we prevent that?

We're here to help you:


Manage Shipping & Inventory Systems


Keep your data and systems secure


Keep your machines up and running while Minimize or Eliminate any shop downtime


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with offsite backups and continuous testing


IoT & Secure Networking Solutions


Remote Working Guidance for your Business

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