Be Human

We treat people how we want to be treated

CNWR’s Understanding

Being human is a simple concept.  As humans we crave social interactions and belonging.  We are naturally social creatures.  We believe that if you treat people well and remember they’re human, things will be better.  That doesn’t mean we don’t disagree, and doesn’t mean we don’t discipline – we just consider the consequences of those things and consider them in the actions we take.

How We Live It

If you’re our partner – We value you as a human.  We’ll attempt to treat you with respect and compassion as we can.  We don’t always get it right, but we work to as much as possible.

If you’re our vendor – Yeah, sometimes we push.  But we do it to make you better and it’s not personal.  We value our partnership and the connection, and if it doesn’t work out we’ll do our best to split was in a respectful fashion.

If you’re our competition – There’s plenty of fish!  We welcome the opportunity to compete or to even work together if the opportunity arises.  We realize we’re all out there doing our best, and respect there are multiple paths to solving issues, and not every approach is for everyone.

If you’re our employee – We care.  From time off to engaging socially as a team, we try to respect both work life balance and the need to get work done.  We’re here to support you and recognize you are also a human.