Take Pride in What We Do

We're not just another provider; We're part of your team

CNWR’s Understanding

CNWR isn’t just a managed service provider that fixes your broken technology; We are a team of IT professionals who want to partner with your business and become part of your team. Making sure we get the job done right, done well, and ensuring that all expectations have been addressed is what drives our interactions with our vendors, holds our team accountable for their work, and solidifies our approach to delivering the absolute best service we can to our clients.

How We Live It

If you’re our partner – Your business is our business. We want to celebrate your wins with you and be there to put out fires when the going gets tough. It’s important to us that we not only solve your problem, but that we do it in a way that everyone involved is satisfied with. At any given time, you can trust that CNWR is going to implement the best solution we know how to provide because your success is our success too.
If you’re our vendor – We hold each other accountable on the basis of this standard. CNWR is on a mission to provide our clients with the best solutions possible, and the vendors we work with are a huge part of that process. Just as we hold ourselves to this high standard, we hold our vendors to this same standard as we work together to design a solution that exceeds expectations.

If you’re our competition – We expect the same from you! We’re not out to bicker, brawl, and cause trouble in the IT community. We whole-heartedly believe that our surrounding peers in this space should be providing their clients with the best services possible as well. To prove it, we regularly make a point to collaborate with other providers all over the nation, and we do so in a way that helps everyone learn and grow together while
continuously raising the bar for quality service in our space.

If you work for CNWR – Your work is a direct reflection of you, and of us. We don’t expect you to always get it right, but we do expect you to own it and resolve it when you don’t. As a small team of professionals, no single person carries the weight or the responsibility of maintaining this tenant and keeping our business afloat. It’s up to all of us to point and push in the same direction as a unified whole, and to fill in the gaps that inevitably arise throughout this journey we’re embarking on together.