Office Network Setup Toledo

An IT network is the backbone and frame of your entire company. It contains the data you need to run all processes, communicate with clients and staff, and maintain traffic and storage. An office network setup in Toledo helps you grow your business when its installation is planned according to your needs.

A quick guide CNWR networking and integration services in Toledo

Examine your needs;

We like to jot down an exact idea of what you want to run in your business, so we know what to include in the Toledo, OH office network setup. The written contents help us to get a rough sketch of your equipment so that we get the accurate number for the following tools:

  • The number of printers, computers and peripheral tools
  • The type of applications needed
  • Amount of data you need to process at any particular time
  • The need for remote software, such as a cloud and voice or video calling platforms
  • The amount of coverage you need on the wireless and wired network, to be able to include the necessary types of resources 
  • The type of security required, including firewalls and VPN protocols

Is it better to have a wired or wireless network?

Most clients ask our CNWR wireless network setup technician in Toledo, Ohio, whether it’s possible to do their work from home. Businesses opt for wireless network systems because they are easy to deploy, more affordable, and easier to troubleshoot. The most common advantages of wireless network systems include:

  • A clean office space free of cables running across walls and floors
  • Ability to change your office setup or location without extra work or costs to move the physical network
  • Ability to temporarily allow guests and meeting partners to access your network

Wireless systems are not always the go-to option for an office network. CNWR will weigh in on all the services needed and decide how best to place the router and connect the wireless system for seamless connectivity. Keep in mind that the wired network is typically faster and easier to secure, making it the better option if you want quick and reliable in-office processes.

The technical requirements of an office network setup


CNWR works with many different brands to set up a wired or wireless network. Our range of equipment will typically include the following hardware:

  • Router to connect your office network to the Internet
  • A server that stores your business data
  • A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows other people or staff to connect to the network from remote locations
  • A firewall to combat attacks like viruses, spam, and hacks

Remember that the choice and combination of all these tools depends on your network needs and data processes. CNWR provides sufficient and relevant networking contracts so that you can have maintenance or one-time services in any moment of need.

The above is only the building block of choosing and setting up Ohio expert certified IT systems support services. The trick is to select a network provider who understands your business scope and quickly puts together a vast system within a feasible budget. Review our complete list of services and get a free quote online to begin planning your office setup.