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Information Technology doesn’t have to be difficult - if you leave it to the professionals. Chances are you’re not an IT person, and that’s why you're here. What makes CNWR different? Your business welfare is personal for us; CNWR will be your partner in this venture. We want to learn and grow with your business. You need to gain a strong knowledge base about your IT world, and our team will teach you. We will manage it all - software, PCs, servers, everything IT, to help propel your enterprise to the next level and keep it safe. It’s OUR job, so it doesn’t have to be yours.

Custom Consulting

As your business becomes more complex, the technologies you use to operate and stay secure do as well. Allow us to help you continuously evaluate your IT needs and make sure your technology is performing properly. At CNWR, we believe in customizing solutions to fit your requirements, allowing your technology to work for you efficiently. Let us take over the daunting day to day tasks for your team so that you can focus on doing your actual job. CNWR will put a turnkey plan in place, specifically designed to fit the needs of your business.

Vendor Management

You shouldn't have to deal with finger pointing in your business. Whether you are having an issue with your ISP, or the vendor supporting your line of business applications, come to us first and we'll handle it so you don’t have to. With CNWR as a partner we have the ability to draw on our relationships with local and international vendors to get problems resolved quickly. Stop playing the blame game and allow us to do the dirty work. We will be your single point of contact if and when you need it.

Backup Your Business

Don't wait until you need your backups to think about your backups. Having a researched and thought out plan is a must to ensure you are able to move on from any situation requiring recovery, be it accidental deletion or natural disaster. At CNWR we believe in examining and customizing a recovery procedure to fit your company’s needs. We will maintain your backups, making sure they are consistent and in place, so that you can rest easy. 

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