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Nov 30, 2023 11:50:15 AM | Article Working From Home

We're all in this together and adjusting to working from home is part of our days now. Let us help you get comfortable in your setup and stay productive. Working from home isn't a new thing and has been a part of business for years. So let's review...

Getting Setup

At this point most of us have figured out what works in the work-from-home space for ourselves. However for some, it's now hit the point where we can take a step back at how productive we've been and realize maybe the way we thought we were working best isn't in fact working for anyone.

Maintain normalcy even when things aren't normal. 

We're all in this together and adjusting to working from home is part of our days now. Let us help you get comfortable in your setup and stay productive. Working from home isn't a new thing and has been a part of business for years. So let's review...

Stay Healthy

Are you in this for the long haul? If so it's probably time to invest in a real desk instead of the end table that you repurposed and is now costing you a good nights rest with your bad back. You'll hear from every online blog that a standing desk is the best desk for working but if you aren't planning on dedicating a room to your work from home space that's not likely going to work for you.

The best thing you can do is designate a space in your home and make sure you are practicing proper posture. Take it from us, we're computer nerds who are on our computers all day and have been for several years now, the worst thing you can do for your body is to slouch and sit in a bad chair.

man avoiding distractions while working from homeInvest in yourself and don't let your current conditions affect your long term health.

A good desk and a good chair are great starting points but don't forget the best thing to do regardless of working from home is to stay moving. Get up and move whether it's just standing or taking a walk. This really hit's home for me as my work-from-home setup is in my basement, it's important to get out and enjoy the sun while you can to stay positive. Don't let the summer feel like winter if you're sitting in doors from 9-5 and only catching a few hours of sun.

Don't Burn Out

Now that it's been several months since Coronavirus forced us into the largest work-from-home experiment yet we've come to realize some things.

We're getting burnt out fast.

It's too easy for us to jump on our computers to tackle an issue that happens after hours that we just received an email from our boss about. This is blurring the lines on the normal 9-5 day and soon becoming a 9-9 day. Try to set yourself to a strict routine that limits how much time you are spending on your computer. Routines and structure to the day are proven to alleviate stress and can often increase productivity as as they increase focus.

Think about shutting off your computer at the end of the day to set a boundary or turning your phone off earlier than normal to get some peace from office communications. Some staff won't be working the same hours as you and won't want to set boundaries so it's important to set expectations with your team and be communicative of your needs.

Remote Access

Being able to access your work resources from home can be a challenge. Many businesses were simply not prepared for the entire workforce to begin working remotely. There are various solutions that you can utilize to get access to your company data.

We're making this one simple. 

If you're on a company owned device, let us set you up on a VPN back to the office. As long as it's a company device you are under the umbrella of the company network and a VPN is a secure solution. Whether you are preparing to start working from home or haven't been using a VPN but have been working from home for a while, let us know and we'll get you setup.

If you're on a personal device and your company device is still at the office, we are allowing our clients to utilize our remote access tool CNWRConnect to access their work computer. This will allow you to have direct access to your work computer from any computer with an internet connection and even your phone while still being a secure connection.

Don't stay disconnected. Feel free to give us a call if you need help, that's what we're here for.

The Right Stuff

Maybe you're starting to realize you'll be working from home long term or your business is going to start enabling employees to work from home. Your setup at home and how well you feel about it directly impacts your performance as well as how happy you are working at home. 

docked office jabra headset for working from home

We've all either dealt with or been that person with a lot of background noise during conference calls, it's important to be able to focus and come across clear. When COVID-19 forced us all out of the office, we immediately started to realize how much noise was in everyone's home and decided to start looking for answers. We've always had headsets in the office but the latest Jabra Evolve2 Series is now our go to. They have options for every price range and will work with your computer, your mobile device, and even your desk phone. If you're interested in trying a pair we can gladly offer a trial set.

All-In-One Setups

Stop being stuck in a mess of cables, especially when your work from home setup is currently your kitchen table. It's a safe investment for your business to invest in laptops for work from home users instead of additional at home workstations. You're enabling your team to continue to work from home or go mobile and stay in touch even after COVID-19 is over.

However, the old ways of having your laptop hooked up to a power source, mouse, additional monitor, external drive, headphones, and 5 other USB devices are long gone. It's time to get setup with a quick and easy solution that is clean and does exactly what you need. The P24h/27h series Lenovo monitors have a built in dock so that you can plug everything in to them and only one cord into your laptop.

If you already have a Lenovo laptop reach out to us to see if you're compatible to easy your connectivity while you're at home. If you don't already have a Lenovo laptop, let us suggest one to you today or see what would work best for you.

yealink business phonePhones

Calling your clients from your mobile device can open a can of worms that you may never be able to close and often blurs the boundary for your work-life balance. If you already are part of a VoIP solution through CNWR you can easily get a power supply for your phone by reaching out to us and taking your phone home. Once you're at home, as long as you have good bandwidth, it'll be like you're taking calls from the office with no additional effort.

If you don't have a phone to take home or need assistance reach out to us and we can suggest one for you. We are currently suggesting the Yealink T54W which also support WiFi connectivity if you can't get a cable to your current work from home setup.

We Can Keep Going

There are so many tools and technologies that can better enable you to work from home during the pandemic. If you have any questions or concerns we're here to help and work with your business. Whether it's a question of how to get further reaching WiFi in your house or if your laptop is going to be capable of being used at home, just reach out.

And most of all, stay safe!

Written By: Matt Clark